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Purton Village is self isolating.

Please respect this and refain from visiting.

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The Friends of Purton would like to offer a hearty, warm welcome to all of you budding marine historians, foreshore archaeologists, amateur genealogists or like-minded mud-waders the country over.

That said it is hoped that this site will provide both a comprehensive historical resource and useful research tool, whilst offering a valued forum dedicated to this unique maritime collection and a long since lost way of life in Gloucestershire

Preservation through Documentation


 The Friends of Purton: Who are we? What we do. Why we do it.

Who could possibly have known, following the intentional beaching of a small fleet of semi-redundant timber lighters in the winter of 1909, to strengthen the nearby eroding canal bank, that the Purton Ships' Graveyard would eventually number some 96 vessels and in turn represent the largest collection of maritime artifacts on the foreshore of mainland Britain today.

Further, following an ongoing programme of research, spanning the past decade, it has been discovered that this wonderful collection is in real danger of being lost, in part to the ravages of time, tide and natural attrition, but more pressingly, to the destructive hand of man.

Sadly the site, as it stands, has no legal protection and it is this that has culminated in the formation of the Friends of Purton, a dedicated group of like minded individuals who, through an ongoing quest, hope to secure these remains of archaeological interest.

Friends of Purton are also actively engaged in a systematic programme of archaeological surveying, photography and meticulous recording of each vessel for posterity. This is supported by an in-depth historical review much of which is reproduced here for your enjoyment.

The Friends of Purton are also keen to promote the collection as a site of regional, national and international importance which can be enjoyed by both the local community and the world wide academic fraternity alike.