Now and then: A photographic journey along the Sharpness to Gloucester canal

Compiled from 1955 images and recent photographs by 'Friends of Purton'


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  • High level swing bridge facing north
  • Graving (dry) dock from the west end
  • Dock at Sharpness from the south corner
  • Quay Berth 17 from south near graving dock
  • Quay Berth 14 looking north from the coal tip
  • North Warehouse shown on the previous image
  • Quay Severn Mills Group silo from south
  • Quay by Severn Ports warehouses & Albert Silo
  • View from the high bridge from the north
  • Timber shed No. 1 and Berth 8
  • Old entrance to the original basin
  • Lock between Old Basin and Old Arm from west
  • Coal tip in the Old Arm from the west
  • High level swing bridge from the west
  • Canal at Sharpness with Severn Railway Bridge
  • Dredger hoppers' unloading stage on canal at Purton
  • Lower Bridge at Purton
  • Splatt Bridge, Frampton
  • Cadbury's Quay & factory at Frethern Bridge (now Spillers)
  • Cadbury's Quay, north end coal berth
  • Grain dryer at Sandfield Wharf loading area
  • Saul Junction dry dock entrance
  • Saul Junction, looking north
  • Formerly known as Two Mile Bend
  • Moreland's timber quay (match factory)
  • Hempstead dry dock
  • Quay at Nick's & Co. yard, Canada Wharf
  • Quay at Monk Meadow Dock, south side
  • Quay at Recommissioned Mills (Silo berth)
  • Quay opposite the goods' station Llantony Marshalling Yard
  • Barge Arm, looking towards Gloucester Dock
  • Quay at Gloucester Dock, east side from entrance Victoria Dock, looking north
  • Victoria Dock, north end from the entrance
  • Lock from Gloucester Dock to the River Severn and canals
  • River and canal above Gloucester Dock
  • Electricity generating station's quay by River Severn
  • Quay Gloucester Dock, west side from dry dock, looking north
  • Gloucester large dry dock
  • High level swing bridge facing north

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